A new smart material.
An empowered metal surface with all the FENIX features.

Resistance to scratches
Soft touch
Visual comfort (low light reflectivity, extremely matt surface)
Thermal healing of superficial microscratches
Resistance to abrasion and dry heat
High resistance to acid solvents and household reagents
Enhanced anti-bacterial properties
Easy to clean
Real metal structure

Suitable for horizontal and vertical applications.
Easy to machine with standard carpenter’s tools.

Available formats: 3050x1300 mm / 4200x1300 mm
Available thicknesses: 0,7 mm / 1,2 mm / 4,00 mm / 6,00 mm / 8,00 mm / 10,00 mm / 12,00 mm

FENIX NTATM is the result of three years of research.
FENIX NTATM is Patent Pending.

Made in Italy
by Arpa Industriale

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